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RTD Sensors

We are looked upon as one of the most preeminent Resistance Temperature Detector Sensors Exporters and Suppliers in India. The RTD Sensors offered by us are made up of excellent quality materials and latest technology that ensures high durability, tensile strength, easy operation, accurate result and low maintenance cost. Customers from various national as well as international markets are placing bulk orders for the RTD Temperature Sensors due to the unmatched quality and unsurpassable performance. Moreover, the RTD Sensors have gained appreciation in the market as it complies to the international standards.

RTD (PT 100) is available in 2 wire and 3 wire connection generally 3 wire is used. RTD is used for temprature range -2000C to 5500C also available in simplex type and dupliux type.

Max. Temp. : 800, 1000, 1500 & 18000C

Types of Thermocouple :
  • K-Type Chromal + ve / Alumel - ve : K type thermocouple is standard thermocouple use upto 12000C while stable in oxidizing atmosphere and protection tubes are mostly use for this thermocouple.
  • Blonut Type : These type of thermocouple are used for 0 to 4500C. Is is generally used in egnition moulding machine.
  • J- Types - Iron + ve / constant - ve These thermocouple are used from 0 to 6000C. Thess thermocouple are very economical these are used mostly in plastic industries.
  • R - Type - Platinum- Platinum - Rhodium 10% & 13%These thermocouple are used for high temprature application used to 15000C in this thermocouple ceramic alumina protection tubes must be used.

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