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Level Measuring Instrument

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Level Measuring Instrument

We are enlisted amongst the preeminent Automatic Level Measuring Instrument Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. The Level Measuring Instruments are available with 2-wire, loop-powered pulse radar, 4-wire pulse radar and long-range FMCW radar instruments to meet the specific requirements. The Level Measuring Instrument is also designed with auto false echo suppression that automatically detects and suppresses false echoes from vessel obstructions. The Level Measuring Instruments also gives unsurpassable performance with the accurate result and low maintenance in the short or long run application.

SITRANS Probe LR - 2-wire radar trans­mitter, with high signal-to-noise ratio, for level/volume monitoring of liquids and slurries in storage and process vessels.

SITRANS LR 200 - Features safety ap­provals for hazardous areas including explosion proof and intrinsically safe. With a patented, shielded and hermeti­cally sealed polypropylene antenna/pro­cess connection, it is ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical and hydrocarbon processing plant applications.

SITRANS LR 300 - Pulse ratiar level transmitter for liquids and slurries in process vessels and extreme or hazard­ous process conditions.

Sitrans Lr 200   Sitrans Probe Lu Lr  
Sitrans Lr 200 Sitrans Probe Lu Lr
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